• 90 Days Notice

    90 Days Notice?! That seems like an awfully short amount of time to decide.  That’s the deadline that I have to give my management office a decision on my lease renewal.  And it’s coming up soon.  Sure it seems like a simple thing, but no!  As it goes for every simple thing in my life, I have turned it into…
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    So Disrespectful!

    Wash n No-Go! So Disrespectful! Who am I talking about?  I’m referring to my hair.  I spent 15 minutes this morning getting it into the perfect faux-wash-and-go look.  I used my Kinky Curley to tame my edges and dabbed a good amount of Camille Rose’s Fresh Curl Revitalizer to dampened ends.  The latter I haven’t tried before.  I didnt use…
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