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    Welcome to Red Lips White Coat, my personal blog.

    I am Dr. Elizabeth Lee Mizelle, a full-time physician, and part-time blogger.  I spend most of my days caring for my patients. My off duty hours are spent indulging in many random musings that bring me a different type of fulfillment.

    This blog was started as a creative outlet for me in 2015. I enjoy creative writing, traveling to exotic places, vintage shopping, dressing for parties, planting flowers, making smoothies, growing long natural hair, telling riddles, and visiting my mother.  I guess my facebook photos made those things look like heaven because after constant requests to share my secrets to life, I decided to blog about it instead. None of what’s in my blog is actual medical advice, but rather my personal opinions and experiences.  There really is no secret to creating a perfect life.  It is all about what one perceives to be fabulous for themselves.  This takes honest introspection and is achieved with some research and simple execution.

    We often create “wish lists” of things we covet and believe will make us happier. Well, I created my very own “WISH lifestyle”, a Wellness-inspired & Stylishly Healthy way to refuel, restore, and revamp my life! Through this blog, I hope to teach others to do the same and live abundant and prosperous lives.

    Aside from my blog, I provide health and wellness consultations through private sessions, workshops, and lectures to individuals and organizations.  I also practice family medicine in Houston, TX at The Health Parlor.  Click here to learn more about my practice.

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